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The Best Catering Includes a Personal Touch

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Catering at its best. The picture just showed up on a social media site and is now likely making its way into internet history. Two little boys and their mom just delivered cupcakes to two hardworking firemen who have been keeping a watchful eye over a famous building that burned in downtown Omaha over the weekend. In the historic shopping part of the city, a yet to be explained explosion completely destroyed a popular restaurant, a clothing store, and several residential apartments. Miraculously, no one was hurt, but the firemen in the city battled the enormous blaze on the coldest days of the year.
Those cupcakes, delivered by two rosy cheeked little boys bundled in their winter coats and mittens to the firemen who are still working in the cold weather more than 48 hours later, are likely some of the tastiest catering those firemen have ever received. No matter how delicious the cupcakes are, the personal delivery is what will be remembered the most.
What do you want to remember from your next catered event? Do you hope to have staff as eager to please as the two little boys delivering frosted cupcakes? Do you hope to have your event begin and end as planned despite desperate weather conditions? That is actually the secret to any catering job, whether the customer search was “Personal Chef Columbus Ohio” or “Cupcake Delivery Omaha Nebraska.” A personal touch.
Even though an event is catered does not mean that it has to be like every other event that involves hiring a company to provide and serve the food. The best services allow you to personalize the menu, including making choices between plated meals and less formal food stations. The top caterers also offer the extras of linens if you need them, as well as the option of providing dinner plates and silver ware.

Whether you find yourself looking for a small party catering company or a large event catering service with staff, some of the things that you are looking for are the same:

  • Delicious Food
  • Fantastic Service
  • Timely Delivery
  • Reasonable Pricing

These three essentials go hand in hand for any catering event, whether you are looking for an entire staff who can provide catering to a large crowd, or a personal chef who can create a table side dinner for an intimate dinner of 20.
You may never be the recipient of two handmade cupcakes by two of the most adorable and bundled little boys, but you should be as pleased with the food, delivery, and presentation as the two rugged Omaha fire fighters are. Catering at its best.

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