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What are Cold Pressed Juices?

Cold pressed juice

Juice cleanses have been used to shed unwanted pounds for a long time. The latest use of juices, used mainly in people who are 20 to 30, is toward healthier eating. Cold pressed juices make this available while being convenient and easily used on the go.
Why cold pressed juice was created.
13 cases of E.Coli were reported from Odwalla unpasteurized apple juice in 1996, which is just one of many cases where juice has been recalled. Because of this, the Food and Drug Administration created even more strict requirements for processing juice. Premium juices stayed in high demand despite the safety issues which caused high pressure processing technologies to be invented.
Cold press juice became popular because it is safer without the addition of sugar and preservatives. Their on the go availability made them even more wanted as the busy lifestyles of consumers grew.

What is cold pressed juice?
Juices that undergo high pressure processing, applying high pressure instead of heat to a fresh squeezed juices, are cold pressed. Once the pressure has been applied, the juice is then placed into a container and sealed. The juices must be refrigerated, but still have a longer shelf life than unpasteurized juices and are much more safe for consumers.
Many consumers of cold pressed juices state that it tastes as though it had been freshly squeezed. Others also say that the minimal heat and air exposure of these juices means they contain more enzymes, minerals, and vitamin, although no enough research has been done to fully support that claim. Consumers of cold pressed juices also believe they will detox and cleanse you body by way of juice cleanse.
Cold pressed juices are also a great way to ensure you are getting the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables you need. The U.S. federal dietary guidelines recommend two to three cups of vegetables and one and a half to two cups of fruit be eaten per day. This can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and many other diseases.
Cold pressed juice delivery
Cold pressed juices add a great deal of convenience. They can be consumed on the go and are easily taken to work or other common places. Cold pressed juice delivery adds to this convenience by allowing these juices to be delivered to you home without the need to go to the store.

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