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Month: October 2015

Learn How to Lose Weight By Eating Dessert!

October 16, 2015

In the past few years Americans have become more conscious of their diets, but many still find themselves struggling to tame their ever-present sweet tooth. The latest trend in desserts leaves both of these angles covered. You may have noticed the hype surrounding frozen yogurt, or perhaps seen a yogurt shop pop up in your […]

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Things to Do with a Chocolate Fondue Fountain

October 10, 2015

It is not a state secret that a wedding can be an intricate and elaborate event. Today?s weddings have a guest list of approximately 136 people. Many (35%) are held outdoors. Tents, tables, chairs and even dance floors have to be rented for these functions. One of the most fun things to have at one […]

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Frozen Yogurt Supplies Help Brand Your Business

October 2, 2015

Summer is exhausting. Your customers fill their schedules with afternoons at the pool, outdoor picnics for dinner and ball games in the evening. Their frantic schedules take them from location to location in hot cars, leaving them anxious for those moments when they can sit back, relax, and spend some time cooling off. The cooling […]

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