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Throwing A Party? There’s A Catering Service For That

Menu for weddings

So, you’re trying to plan the ideal party or nostalgic and festive get-together — what event menus and design aesthetics do you pull out to create the best possible memories? While it’s tempting to toss together the basics and call it good, there’s nothing preventing you from creating the most delicious and inviting show-stopper around! Below I’ll list some useful tips to help you get started, from picking fun menus to managing different diets, to ensure your event goes perfectly to plan.

Did You Know?

Special event catering services are an industry that’s been traveling at high-speed for decades. It’s estimated there are over 300,000 men and women working in food service, catering and marketing all throughout the country. Catering is often used for wedding services, parties and impromptu business meetings. While many cafes and delis offer catering services, there are businesses that revolve entirely around the practice. Good caterers are well-versed in food safety laws and event management, so you’ll always be in good hands!

Seasonal Catering

Throwing a baby shower in the spring? How about a school reunion in the fall? The best thing about event menus is that they can be customized to reflect the changing colors and scents of the environment around you. Organic ingredients have quickly become a preferred option for many modern Americans and green courses are perfectly suited to light spring-themed trays. Food bars, particularly those with easy finger foods like chips and dip, are prime for the hot months. Looking to check off multiple boxes? Consider macarons or cake pops for the perfect combination of classy and cute.

Getting Started

Whether it’s a birthday bash or a private party, it’s important to keep little details in mind to ensure you’ll create a memorable night and not an expensive disaster! Food allergies should be taken into account (the most common in America being seafood and nuts) as well as alternate diets such as veganism or religious preferences. Parties with alcohol should have easy-to-access taxi services to ensure everyone gets home safely. Last, but not least, caterers often have additional services like table arrangements and card design — all the better to spruce up your event and create a feast for both the eyes and the mouth. Now that you’re familiar with the how-tos you’re all set to become the best event planner in town!

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