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Wedding Menus How You Can Combine Taste And Personality

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Many things may come to mind when you think of a wedding. For some, the iconic wedding image is that of the wedding dress. For others, it’s the bride and groom having their first dance. But for many, it’s one of the seemingly-minor details of a wedding that makes the biggest impression: the food. Wedding food was once known as mediocre by all, with few expecting much from a menu for weddings. This perception is rapidly changing, with the standard for wedding food and event menus in general rising as good caterers make their marks on the wedding industry. A good menu for weddings isn’t generic; rather, it can be customized for specific couples. It changes depending on the couples’ specific needs and wants. Of course, there’s a good menu for weddings — and then there’s a great menu for weddings. A great menu takes guests’ specific dietary needs — like vegetarianism and food allergies — into account, while the same time serving the theme of the wedding and making accommodations for elements like the venue and time. But in order to pull this off, you not only need a great caterer, but a lot of planning. Below, we’ll discuss some of the things you can do in order to have the best possible menu at your wedding — while at the same time not breaking the bank.

The Practical Side: Saving Money On The Best Wedding Menus

The fact is that many people want to splurge on everything involved with their weddings — but that doesn’t mean they can. Luckily, you can have a great wedding menu without spending too much. The first thing to remember is that the amount you spend on food is in part dependent on how many people need to be fed. Of course, you can’t help having a big guest list if that is your plan; but it’s something to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you want to invite every person you know, or simply everyone you’re close to. Usually, caterers will not allow clients to keep leftovers. You get what you pay for — and that is what you and your guests will actually eat. Some caterers will arrange for something different, but you have to ask first. Furthermore, many believe that buffets and food stations cost less. In the case of off-site caterers, this is not the case. If you’re hiring an off-site caterer, pre-ordered food usually costs less. Keep this in mind if you’re having your reception in a rural locale. Vineyards, ranches, and farms usually have inefficient kitchen facilities, or none at all. The more items your caterer has to bring to the site, the more the food will cost in total. With those things in mind, let’s jump into the fun stuff.

Staying On Trend: The Fashionable Side Of Food

For more trend-conscious people, it’s important that a menu for a wedding reception is not only tasty but stylish. Wedding food has changed a lot within the past few years. Whereas once cream sauces and heavy foods were popular at weddings, that is no longer necessarily the case. Cocktail hour menus in particular now favor small foods — think antipasto skewers, balls of mozzarella drizzled in oil, or lettuce wraps. Light foods are favored nowadays in general. Many brides and grooms also want to “go green”, offering at least one sustainable and organic menu option. This is doubly effective in that it accommodates vegan or vegetarian guests. Another popular option — that keeps all guests happy — is the make your own food bar. These can include taco bars, salad bars, salsa bars, sundae bars, and even dessert bars.

No matter what you decide on for your wedding, one thing is important to remember: stick to what you like. This is your wedding, and what will make it most memorable is the expression of your own personality.

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