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What Are The Most Iconic Ice Cream Supplies?


What draws people to the ice cream store time and time again? Is it the variety of sweet and delectable flavors neatly placed in a row? How about all the different ways of consuming this treat, from cones to cups to waffle bowls? Ice cream is both one of the biggest mysteries and easiest answers around, originating hundreds of years ago and becoming one of the most iconic forms of tasty decadence across the world. While plenty of work goes into crafting ice cream and frozen yogurt, the shops that distribute them are an art form in of themselves. Designed to be eclectic and appealing, everything from the design of the display cases to the ice cream cups are cultivated to create a fun and inviting atmosphere. Let’s take a look at the colored spoons, ice cream cups and frozen yogurt additions that have become just as iconic as this dessert!

Did You Know?

It’s always time for some fun facts! June has been found to be the month the most ice cream is produced, with some theorizing the arrival of summer and many schools closing for vacation as to why so many families stop by their local ice cream shop. The average American will eat ice cream almost 30 times every year — according to research by the NPD, 40% of Americans will consume significant amounts of ice cream in a two-week period. The United States devotes nearly 10% of its entire dairy output to producing ice cream, which is pretty impressive when you consider all the different ways milk can be used!

Where Did Ice Cream Come From?

Ice cream was first discovered all the way in ancient China, originally crafted with cold milk and rice. Nearby areas, including multiple Middle Eastern countries, had entire underground cellars devoted to protecting frozen treats and general ice. As technology advanced, more and more countries started setting up shops and experimenting with different ways of creating frozen desserts. Gelato is native to Italy, while other countries have given ice cream their own unique spin. Japan is particularly well-known for its unique soft serve technique as well as mochi ice cream (created with chewy, sticky rice).

What’s Gelato?

Although similar, gelato has enough differences to stand on its own and even be a preferred choice for many around the world. While ice cream generally contains more than 50% air after the churning process, gelato averages at 25% for a more thick and creamy consistency. First cropping up in Italy, it soon took over the world as one of the best ice cream alternatives around. Although gelato was traditionally flavored with cocoa powder, it now comes in hundreds of different versions, each more popular than the next.

What’s Frozen Yogurt?

Now how about another popular type? Frozen yogurt differs from ice cream primarily in its fat content and a certain ingredient — egg yolk! Some turn to it as a lighter alternative, though those with egg allergies should definitely steer clear. The end of 2013 saw well over 2, 500 different frozen yogurt stores running across the country, meaning this is one brand that won’t go out of style any time soon! Part of the magic, however, is presenting and delivering these treats in a variety of different ways. Ice cream cups or waffle bowls, a good store should have a good stock!

What Should Ice Cream Stores Stock?

A popular and attractive ice cream store shouldn’t skimp out on the basics — considering this industry shows little signs of slowing down, it’d be a lot of money flushed down the drain! Tasting spoons are a must for new and repeat customers alike, adding an atmosphere of fun as well as giving less popular flavors a moment in the spotlight. Ice cream cups, be they disposable or made out of chewy waffle cone, are essential for customers on the go. Frozen yogurt suppliers are keen on staying up-to-date on the latest trends and should be consulted if you feel your store or brand is falling out of favor. With ice cream on our side, the future is looking bright indeed!

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